Hotel Aries y Libra
Bed and Breakfast
Yvonne Gosselink and Jacqueline Ritschard

About us

We are 2 European women (Swiss and Dutch) following our dreams to open and run a hotel. Many years ago we met at our workplace in Switzerland where we became friends and discovered we both were interested in other countries and cultures. Soon we started traveling together.  While travelling in Indonesia, we came up with the idea to turn our conventional life in Switzerland inside out and start a hotel in a foreign country.

In 2005, we realized Mexico was the right country for our plan, but we hadn't yet found the region.  We traveled for two months in 2007, traversing the country from north to south.  At the end of our journey we knew that we had found our future home in Mérida.

After much planning, we returned to Merida in September 2009 to begin our search for suitable property and to build up important local contacts.

We opened our hotel in December 2014. Yvonne (Dutch) lives permanently in Mérida with her 5 year old son and runs the hotel most of the time. Jacqueline (Swiss) the more "quiet", but not lesser important part of Hotel Aries y Libra lives most of the time in Switzerland and spends about 3 months a year in Mexico.

We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel soon!